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Kim Jong-nam death: Two women to face murder charges
Two women are to be charged with murdering the North Korean leader's brother, Malaysia's prosecutor says.

Libya exposed as an epicentre for migrant child abuse
A Unicef report exposes the extreme dangers of violent and sexual abuse faced by child migrants.

SpaceX to fly two tourists around Moon in 2018
The US rocket company says the customers have already paid for the flight planned for late 2018.

Scientists have found a way of growing human tissue on apples
Scientists at the University of Ottawa have developed a way of growing human cells and tissue on apples.

Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong to be indicted on bribery charges
The case is tied to the corruption scandal that led to the impeachment of President Park Geung-hye.

'Taliban infiltrator' aids police killing in Helmand province
Afghan police say at least 13 are dead after an infiltrator allowed militants into a police station.

Australia terror arrest: Man held over suspected missiles plan
The man is suspected of trying to advise the Islamic State group on developing missiles, PM says.

Why liberal Dutch are turning to the right
With just over two weeks to go before the Dutch election, the anti-Islam politician is still leading the polls.

Olathe, Kansas, shooting suspect 'said he killed Iranians'
The accused mistakenly thought he'd just attacked two Middle Eastern men, according to a 911 call.

MWC 2017: Wikipedia goes data-free in Iraq
People will not have to pay mobile data charges to access the online encyclopaedia.

El Salvador's much-loved hippo Gustavito killed at zoo
While murder has long lost the capacity to shock in El Salvador, Gustavito's death has hit a nerve.

Blood tests spot ovarian cancer early
There is no screening programme for the disease, so patients say it would be of "enormous benefit".

Australian senator sorry for 'flea' comment in asylum debate
The comment interpreted as referring to asylum seekers was immediately condemned.

Uproar as Canadian constable cleared of on-duty rape
Hundreds of protesters outside court demand Royal Newfoundland Constabulary fire the officer.

Ren Hang: Death of China's hotshot erotic photographer
Ren Hang's work displayed a struggle for creative and sexual freedoms in a conservative society.

Trump's big speech - lessons from history
Donald Trump has the chance for a reset during his address to the Joint Session of Congress.

Meet the new Arab emojis perking up Dubai's WhatsApp chats
An app full of quirky shisha smokers and winking girls in hijabs gives Arabs their emojis at last.

Gentle Bones: Singapore's answer to Ed Sheeran
How choosing music over university paid off for singer-songwriter Joel Tan, aka Gentle Bones.

Australian man finds A$1m lottery ticket a year on
The grandfather had no idea he was a winner when he found the ticket in a shopping bag.

Are motorbikes a barometer of India's economy?
As India is about to release its latest economic growth numbers, BBC News looks at why two-wheelers are seen as a barometer of the economy.

So who were the best dressed stars?
Alex Eagle looks at the best dressed stars on the red carpet at the Academy Awards.

Marine Le Pen supporters: She's no racist
We go behind the scenes at a National Front rally in Nantes.

Tunisia attack survivor: 'I've had the same nightmare 50 times'
One man recalls how he risked his life to help victims of the terror attack in Sousse.

The people behind India's first sign language dictionary
It will have 7,000 signs that explain words used in academic and routine conversations.

Death of conspiracy theorist: 'My son's laptop was wiped'
The mother of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers believes his computer was wiped and she wants answers.

Is this the end of celebrity fragrances?
Customers appear to be turning their backs on famous-faced fragrances.

How Hitler's phone has caused an international bust-up 72 years after his death
The phone auctioned last week has proven controversial: some say it did not belong to the Nazi leader.

Have we fallen out of love with experts?
Newsnight editor Ian Katz looks at the evidence - and speaks to Michael Gove and others.

Kim Jong-nam: What is South Korea's take on the killing?
Speculation is rife and defectors are unnerved by the death of the North Korean in Malaysia.

South Africa's Saidy Brown: 'Why I shared my HIV status on Twitter'
Saidy Brown discusses the extraordinary reaction after she disclosed her HIV status on Twitter.

David Haye & Tony Bellew kept apart at Liverpool news conference
David Haye and Tony Bellew are kept apart by security guards but exchange insults at a heated Liverpool news conference.



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