Amazon mistakenly sends baby registry emails to non-parents - CNET
Many recipients of gift alert don't have a baby registry. Or even plans to have a baby, for that matter.

Facebook may appear at Senate hearing on election meddling - CNET
A hearing will examine social media's role in possibly swaying last year's US election.

T-Mobile boosts data throttling threshold to 50GB per month - CNET
Subscribers will get more data to consume starting Wednesday before they face a possible slowdown.

Hey, Google: Your devices are showing. - CNET
Google is holding an event on October 4. Leaks just revealed practically everything the company's likely to show off.

Massachusetts AG sues Equifax over massive data breach - CNET
The suit alleges the credit reporting bureau violated state data protection and privacy laws by not installing appropriate safeguards.

Creepy fanny pack gives you the big hairy gut you never wanted - CNET
The new "Dadbag" bag helps you store a six-pack in your, um, six-pack? Talk about high fashion.

Fiat Chrysler recalls 443,000 Ram pickups over fire concerns - Roadshow
Sort of ironic that a water pump can cause a fire, isn't it?

NBA star Kevin Durant regrets losing cool with fans on Twitter - CNET
The Golden State Warriors star, who some allege has a secret Twitter account, admits he went "a little too far" debating why he left his old team.

iOS 11's best feature lets you put a couch anywhere you want - CNET
Commentary: Apple's amazing augmented reality experiences are here, and don't need a new iPhone.

Hackers hid malicious code in popular CCleaner software - CNET
Avast-owned Piriform, which makes the computer-cleaning program, says no harm was done to any users but encourages people to check which version they have.

New Pixel 2 XL could start at $850 - CNET
And look like a tuxedo, according to a new rumor.

Infamous Jolt Cola returns to steal your sleep - CNET
"All the sugar and twice the caffeine." Jolt Cola is coming out of retirement and wants to make you hyper just like back in the '80s.

Leaked Google Home Mini may take on the Echo Dot - CNET
According to Droid Life, the trimmed down smart speaker will make its debut at Google's upcoming Pixel 2 launch on October 4th.

iPhone 8 has a low carbon footprint, says Apple VP - CNET
Lisa Jackson, head of Apple's environmental initiatives, says CEO Tim Cook's leadership has led to the company's products becoming more green.

You can now 'sponsor' your favorite YouTube Gaming channels - CNET
Fans can support their favorite creators with a $4.99 monthly sponsorship and get access to special perks.

Best 4K Blu-rays - CNET
If you've invested in a 4K TV and a 4K Blu-ray player, these are the absolute essential discs you must buy.

A better way to wirelessly charge your iPhone 8 and X? - CNET
A startup wants to charge your new iPhone just by being nearby.

OnePlus 5 gets a limited edition designer makeover - CNET
The OnePlus 5 special edition has been given some aesthetic touches by French designer Jean Charles De Castelbajac.

Tim Cook on iPhone X: $999 is a 'value price' - CNET
Commentary: In an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America," Apple's CEO insists the new phone is a bargain.

T-Mobile and Sprint may finally be getting together - CNET
The third- and fourth-largest wireless carriers have been flirting with each other for years. Is now the time for a deal?

Everything we know about 'Star Trek: Discovery' so far - CNET
From Klingons to starships, warp through all the known details of "Star Trek: Discovery" and its new crew of space explorers.

Salesforce will launch $50 million fund for AI startups - CNET
The cloud-computing giant has upped its work with artificial intelligence through tools such as Salesforce Einstein.

Buy the iPhone 8 Plus now or wait for the iPhone X? (The 3:59, Ep. 286) - CNET
We break down today's reviews of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and talk about camera quality.

NASA astronaut adopts unusual 'pets' in space - CNET
Astronauts on the space station don't have dogs or cats to keep them company, so sometimes they create their own microgravity pets.

Cue is a comedian trapped in a robot body - CNET
The new kid-oriented robot has four personalities to choose from and you can even have a text conversation with it.



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