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More than 100 dead in Mexico quake

Photos show extent of quake's devastation

No US president has spoken like this to the world

US considers targeting North Korean missiles
As tensions continue to ratchet up with North Korea, CNN has learned that the US is considering shooting down a North Korean ballistic missile even if it does not directly threaten the US or its allies.

Mueller's focus on Manafort spans 11 years
Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team is reaching back more than a decade in its investigation of Paul Manafort, a sign of the pressure Mueller is placing on President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman.

Category 5 Maria closes in on Virgin Islands
Hurricane Maria, making its first landfall as a Category 5 storm, has blasted Dominica with "widespread devastation," according to the prime minister of the Caribbean island nation.

See Maria intensify from space
NASA shared views of Hurricane Maria from space as the storm intensified into a Category 5.

Is 'China's Hawaii' the new Dubai?
The dancing begins almost as soon as the sun sets on Sanya, in southern Hainan.

Western icons reimagined in Bedouin style
Clad in Bedouin attire from head to toe, "Sheikh" William of Arabia is smiling, seemingly content with having swapped Kensington Palace for a humble tent and camels.

Myanmar's Buddhists: We stand with Aung San Suu Kyi

Macron calls on Trump to honor Iran nuclear deal
French President Emmanuel Macron firmly rejected any military solution to the North Korea crisis and warned against scrapping the nuclear agreement with Iran, in an exclusive interview with CNN on Tuesday.

The world is running out of antibiotics, WHO says
Too few new antibiotics are under development to combat the threat of multidrug-resistant infections, according to a new World Health Organization report published Tuesday. Adding to the concern: It is likely that the speed of increasing resistance will outpace the slow drug development process.

40 million slaves in the world, finds new report
More than 40 million people were estimated to be victims of modern slavery in 2016 -- and one in four of those were children.

London tower fire wreck hit by thieves
Police investigating the Grenfell Tower fire disaster in London have revealed that thieves stole cash from at least one of the apartments in the shell of the building.

Police fatally shoot LGBT student
Georgia Tech police shot Scout (Scott) Schultz, a 21-year-old computer engineering major who was president of the Georgia Tech Pride Alliance.

Airstrikes target hospitals in Syria
Several hospitals in the rebel-held Syrian province of Idlib were targeted in airstrikes on Tuesday, local activist media and a monitoring group said.

Suspected ISIS militants arrested in Germany
Three men were arrested on suspicion of terror offenses in a series of counterterrorism operations in Germany, federal prosecutors announced Tuesday.

A grain silo becomes a striking new museum
Africa's first major institution dedicated to modern art, the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA), is set to open this month. Located in a former grain silo in Cape Town, the new museum will house what many expect to be the world's leading collection of contemporary African art.

iPhone 8 cuts the cord and prepares for the future

WWI German U-boat found off Belgian coast
A sunken German WWI U-boat has been discovered in the North Sea off the coast of Belgium.

Singapore looks to patch up China relations
Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong arrives in China Tuesday amid tensions with Beijing and unease in southeast Asia over China's increasingly muscular foreign policy.

Germany convicts 3 for not helping elderly man
As the 83-year-old man lay unconscious in the entryway of a bank in western Germany, not one, not two, but three people stepped over him or walked around him to use the ATMs.

Exclusive: US govt wiretapped former Trump campaign head

Brexit's big week is off to a rough start

Iran: US will pay high cost if deal scrapped

$120,000 in cash flushed down a Switzerland toilet

Kim Kardashian West: There's an age limit to posing nude
Kim Kardashian West believes there is an age limit to posing nude.

Avril Lavigne rated 'most dangerous celebrity'
Avril Lavigne is now the most dangerous celebrity to search for online, according to the cybersecurity company McAfee.

Running in the desert for fun
It's 35 degrees Celsius on the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, and a group of women wearing tiny shorts and Lycra vests are about to jog with men around a public park in Dubai.

Africa's only female soccer president ready to 'infuriate a lot of people'
Sierra Leone's Football Association president Isha Johansen has announced she will stand for re-election despite admitting that her decision will "infuriate a lot of people."

Five decades of racing photography
My father has always lived life in the fast lane. As a student in post-war Japan, he'd skip class to speed around abandoned sites in Tokyo with his biker friends. They'd time their laps to see if any of them had the makings of a pro racer.

Can sex be a workout?
When I think of the ultimate sex workout, I picture the scene from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie throw each other around their kitchen for an hour. Unfortunately, not every sexual experience is quite that... well, high-intensity. But how many calories do we really burn in the act?

6 of the best travel cameras you can buy now
That mobile phone in your pocket takes pretty decent photos, so no need to get a separate camera for your travels, right?

Merkel's confidence alone won't mend Germany
All over Berlin, Angela Merkel greets passers-by with a tender smile.

Trump's unpresidential presidency hits new lows
On the eve of a critical week of foreign policy challenges, Donald Trump started his Sunday by retweeting an edited video of him hitting a golf ball into Hillary Clinton's back -- and her falling over from the impact.

Students swim with sharks, explore space, through VR
Imagine instead of viewing a shark-infested shipwreck or a space station in photos, technology meant you actually swam and floated right through them.

Trump retweets video hitting Clinton with ball
President Trump retweeted a video that shows him striking Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball.

The man sketching Merkel's career

World's most beautiful schools
It's easy to dismiss the way a school or university looks. As long as it's functional, the more pressing educational concerns for parents are usually the curriculum, quality of teaching and exam results.

An alternative list of the world's happiest places
Take a look at these three words and give me your immediate gut-instinct emotional response:

Diversity took center stage at the Emmys
Are you paying attention, Oscars?

What life is actually like inside N. Korea

Iraq court orders halt to Kurdish vote
Iraq's Supreme Court on Monday ordered the suspension of a September 25 referendum on Kurdish independence, but a Kurdish official said the vote will go on as planned.

Hollywood enabled Spicer, and that's not funny

Sharapova: Serena's 'owned me' but 'I've still got a lot to give'

Israel to host first 'Big Start' outside Europe
One of cycling's biggest races will begin outside of Europe for the first time, it has been announced.

Buildings toppled in Mexico City amid widespread damage that knocked out power for millions

Trapped on the tarmac, watching Mexico City shake
When the earthquake hit, I was on a moving plane on the runway at Mexico City airport. I felt the plane tilt and sway as if it would crash to the ground. Looking out the window, I saw the entire airport swaying and people fleeing the building in droves.

Hours after an earthquake drill, the real thing struck
Initially, Ricardo Ramos thought it was a drill when the ground began to shake on Tuesday. This was the day for it, after all.



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