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Women's March On Washington: 'We Are A Part Of America, So We Need To Be Out Here'
The second annual Women's March drew a wide range of ages and races to the nation's capital. The year since President Trump took office has given first-time and veteran marchers new reasons to attend.

Still 'Pretty Damn Mad' Protesters Unite In Second Annual Women's March
Marchers united largely in opposition to President Trump, who tweeted Saturday that protesters should be celebrating "the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success" of his presidency.

Paul Bocuse, 'Giant' Of French Cuisine, Dies At 91
The French president and several celebrity chefs mourned the loss of a man who helped re-imagine French cuisine.

Animal Trafficking 'Kingpin' Arrested in Thailand
Boonchai Bach is accused of heading a network that dealt in large quantities of poached elephant ivory, rhinoceros horn and other endangered species.

With A Show Of Hands, Filipino-American Chefs Rekindle Kamayan Feasts
Kamayan is the traditional Filipino way of eating ? without utensils. But it's also a generous shared meal of time-honored colorful foods that creates camaraderie. And it's catching on in the U.S.

Crime Is Down In American Cities, And 'Uneasy Peace' Explains Why
Contrary to what you might see on TV, homicide, assault and rapes have decreased in big cities since the 1970s. Patrick Sharkey attributes the change, in part, to something that happened in the '90s.

As A Massive Garbage Dump Closes In Brazil, Trash-Pickers Face An Uncertain Future
Authorities are closing a dump on the outskirts of Brasilia. Some 2,000 trash-pickers, who sort and sell recyclables, depend on the dump for their livelihoods ? despite the risk of disease and injury.

How America Has Changed During Trump's First Year In Office, By The Numbers
The economy has improved, health insurance prices continued to climb, and far fewer people have been stopped at the southwestern border. However, not all of it is the president's doing.

In Their Own Words: People With Intellectual Disabilities Talk About Rape
In the final piece of NPR's series on the sexual assault epidemic against people with intellectual disabilities, we hear from victims themselves about how these experiences shape their lives.

A Drone's Eye View Of The World: Hippos, Palm Trees, Motor Scooters
Here are a few of the winners from the 4th International Drone Photography Contest.

PHOTOS: To Brighten Dreary Winter Nights, A Festival Lights Up London
Winters in London can be damp and dreary, and it gets dark early. The "Lumiere London" light festival features more than 50 outdoor installations by artists from Europe and North America.

Victims Of Las Vegas Shooting: We Need More Help
A fund set up to help the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas isn't getting the same kind of donations other funds in devastating tragedies have gotten.

Trump Has Revealed Assumptions About Handling Presidential Wealth, Businesses
Trump has continued to own a business empire while serving as president ? thus showing that expectations about handling presidential wealth, businesses and brands were about norms, not laws.

DeVos: 'Common Core Is Dead'; A Large Online Charter School Is Shut Down
School-related arrests data, foster youth transportation and more education news of the week.

Saunas Are A Hot Trend, And They Might Even Help Your Health
Sweating in a sauna feels good, and it's associated with health benefits including a lower risk of heart disease. But is that because of the heat, or because you're able to kick back and relax?



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