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Got a PS4? Add Virtual Reality for Only $300
The most affordable VR bundle is $100 off right now with a coupon code.

Donald Trump?s United Nations Speech Stokes North Korea Tensions
At the United Nations Tuesday, Donald Trump's incendiary North Korea remarks pushed the word even further from a peaceful outcome.

Zack Snyder Left *Justice League*?Then He Made an iPhone Movie
The director's new 4-minute short was released today.

Udacity Launches an Online Course for Flying Car Engineers
Sebastian Thrun's online education company wants to prepare more people for the future of flying.

Waymo and Intel Combine to Power the Future of Self-Driving Cars
The rich Google self-driving car spinoff and the global chipmaker make excellent dance partners.

The Best Toronto International Film Festival Movies to Look Forward To
This year's festival was a standout, and proved there's plenty of quality heading to theaters later this year.

Bored With Your Fitbit? These Cancer Researchers Aren't
Scientists are publishing more studies and enrolling more clinical trials using Fitbit devices than any other wearable fitness tracker out there.

In Physics, Crossing a River Is Just Like Landing a Plane
Crosswind landings follow the same concepts as a classic physics problem.

How to Download and Install iOS 11
Make your old iPhone feel new again with Apple's latest software.

Review: Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
This isn't 2017's most exciting iPhone. But the iPhone 8 shines even in the shadow of the iPhone X.

Tour Europe and America's Wacky, Culture-Swapping Festivals
It's not exactly historically accurate, but it's certainly entertaining.

Why Many Deaf Prisoners Can?t Phone Home
States rely on faulty, outdated technology, and resist efforts to use videophones.

*Blade Runner 2049*: Inside the Dark Future of a Sequel 35 Years in the Making
What the sequel can tell us about the state of sci-fi and America's appetite for dystopia.

Cities Turn to Other Cities for Help Fighting Climate Change
If every city with more than 100,000 people stepped up, they could account for 40 percent of the Paris accord's emissions cuts.

The 2017 Emmy Winners Were Heartening, But TV Diversity Is Still Far From Prestige
At Sunday's award ceremony, the night's most significant wins served as a reminder that the TV industry still suffers from an ugly imbalance.

CCleaner Malware Shows Software's Serious Supply-Chain Security Problem
Hackers have targeted software's supply chain in three high profile attacks discovered over the summer.

Emmy Award Winners 2017: Hulu?s 'Handmaid's Tale' Win Heralds Television?s New 'Big Three'
The service's 'The Handmaid's Tale' won big, making it the third streaming player to do so. Is there a new Big Three?

To Stop Distracted Driving, Researchers Monitor Drivers
A team from the University of Waterloo used deep learning to develop a system that monitors drivers and detects distraction.

Nike?s New Flyleather Brings Cowskin Into the 21st Century
The company's newest tennis shoe is made from recycled leather.

Don?t Blame Pigs for Swine Flu?Species Hopping Is How Viruses Evolve
The discovery that viruses move between species unexpectedly often is rewriting ideas about their evolutionary history?and may have troubling implications for the threat from emerging diseases.



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