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Barbara J. Hilderbrand
WI District President
3836 Pine Cone Lane
Wausau, WI 54403
Cell 715-225-3997

Aloma Turner
WI District Secretary
1696 Racine Rd.
Menasha WI 54952
Cell 920-450-7676

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Section 2 - Joann Meyer
Section 3 - Patricia Caldwell
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WI Ladies Ministries

Holiness Conference 2012
For such a time as this! "And you shall be holy unto me, for I the LORD am holy, and have set you apart from other people, that you should be MINE." Lev. 20:26

Wisconsin District Ladies Ministries is excited to announce its 4th biennial HOLINESS CONFERENCE, to be held at Apostolic Faith Church, Racine, on Friday-Saturday, November 2-3. Speakers: Bro. and Sis. Jerry Jones, General Secretary of UPCI, and Wisconsin Dist. Superintendent John Putnam.


7:00 pm — Worship and Keynote Message by Bro. Jones

9:15 am — "Northern Hospitality" — Coffee and Breakfast Rolls
10:00-11:00 am — Worship and Message by Bro. Putnam
11:00 am — Split Session — Bro. Jones (men) and Sis. Jones (women)
11:45 am — Wrap-up thoughts by Bro. Jones
12:00 noon — Q & A with panel — Bro. & Sis. Jones and Bro. & Sis. Putnam
12:45 — Prayer and dismissal

If there has ever been a time to stand up for what we believe and to be separate and distinct from the world — it is NOW. This Conference is designed to be compact, to-the-point, and spiritually edifying — focused on the essential attributes of holiness. It is OPEN TO ALL -- men and ladies -- and not an event to be missed! As an added benefit for all those coming from out of town, there is a special Holiness Conference room rate offered at the Marriott Racine for the night of November 2. For the special room rate, please call 262-886-6100 and mention "Holiness Conference" to place your reservation. Special discounted room rates will only be guaranteed until October 18, 2012, so please make your reservations early. For additional information on the Holiness Conference, please call Apostolic Faith Church at 262-886-5814. See you there!

Download this flyer as a printable .pdf file

Sis. Barbara Hilderbrand 1An Open Letter from our new Ladies President
Greetings, Ladies!

I am Sis. Barbara Hilderbrand, a pastor’s wife in Wausau. Since the transfer of leadership of the Wisconsin District UPCI Ladies Ministries occurred this Spring, I thought it a good idea to post a letter – introducing myself, with a little background, in case you don’t know me – and to invite you to join me as we envision what CAN be done together by the women of this great District!

Sis. Hilderbrand and husbandMy roots go deep in this State … and in this Truth. I was born in Eau Claire and raised on a Pentecostal pew. In fact, my grandfather, Carl F. Ebert, was a pioneer preacher of the Oneness Gospel message in the ‘20s, ‘30’s and 40’s. He pastored congregations in Auroraville, River Falls, Cochrane and Hibbing, and was also one of the charter founders of Pentecostal Assembly in Eau Claire -- one of the oldest UPC churches in Wisconsin. Those first Pentecostals in Wisconsin – they were few and far between – solitary voices crying in the Wilderness … and I’m glad my Granddad was one. Only eternity will reveal the true harvest that has come from all the seeds of precious TRUTH that were tearfully planted across Northern Wisconsin through those early years. In Eau Claire, Medford, Antigo, Clintonville, Wausau … wherever they were planted, I am convinced, seeds of Truth never die.

Growing up in church, the Truth of God’s Word was planted deeply in my heart. While I was in high school, my Mom and I would drive to St. Paul almost every weekend to visit my sisters who had gone to ABI, and that’s when two wonderful things happened: (1) I met a handsome guy from Chicago – one of those "Hilderbrand boys" -- who was also a student there; (Derrald also came from Oneness pioneering stock as his dad was the first UPC pastor in the City of Chicago); and (2) I heard Bro. S.G. Norris preach, and every time, something stirred in my heart – a deep, growing love for the Word of the Lord. I enrolled at ABI, and my First Year at ABI was Derrald’s Third. One year later he "graduated me" -- we got married -- and we sailed off together to seek our calling in God.

Sis. Hilderbrand and husbandMy husband and I started off as young youth ministers in West Frankfort, IL, then later in Racine, and in Harvey, IL, before deciding to plunge headfirst into the pastorate by starting a brand new church at the ripe old age of 25/23. We chose Tinley Park, IL – a south suburb of Chicago, where we planted and watered a congregation of believers for 12 happy years … and sure enough! God gave the increase. Counted significantly in that "increase" were the two beautiful daughters God lent us – Bethany and Brooke. They soon became an important part of our ministry.

In 1991, when asked if we would consider moving to Alaska to assist Pastor J.R. Blackshear in his work in Anchorage, we thought about it, prayed about it … and concluded, "Why NOT?!?" We packed our family belongings into the back of a pickup truck and headed up NORTH! Waaaay up North! Glorious journey! We loved it so much there that we later assumed the pastorate of a small church in one of the most beautiful places on earth – Seward, Alaska – where we served several unforgettable years. We worked with the local church, were all of us active in our community, and we served the Alaska-Yukon District in various capacities. We saw our girls graduate from high school and fly off to Bible School … and it was then we agreed, though a bit reluctantly, to leave that beautiful place to answer an even more distant call. After a trip to Europe, God called us into Foreign Missions – first as AIMers to Prague, Czech Republic, and later as fully-appointed missionaries in Amman, Jordan, and Dordrecht, Netherlands.

There’s nothing quite like LIVING in another country to make you see yourself and to discover how small you are in this great, big world. It changes you. For one thing, it drove my faith DEEP into my heart. For another, it made me love my country more than ever. Also, I realized that people around the world are NOT at all like Americans, nor do they want to be. But, I also found that people everywhere are mysteriously the same, with the same basic needs. While working in other cultures, we realized it wasn’t our place to Americanize people … or even Westernize their thinking, but to try to turn their eyes to Jesus. Christ alone speaks to every person, in every culture, on every level, in every language – with THE answer for every need.

At Christmastime 2004, after serving in various foreign mission posts and traveling throughout most of the 50 states on behalf of the Foreign Missions Division, we returned to America – and Wisconsin. We did not know – I never suspected -- that God would bring me back, after all our travels, to within 100 miles of my hometown in Northern Wisconsin. But, He did. For over seven years now, we have been privileged to serve as the pastor of Lighthouse Pentecostal Church in Wausau and to work alongside some of the finest, most generous folks we have ever known, anywhere. Bethany is faithfully working for the Lord in Reedsburg, WI, under Pastor Ed Herman, and Brooke is married to Wes Comer, both involved in the work of the Lord in Knoxville, TN, under Pastor David Triplett, raising four (plus one on the way!) wonderful children – Isaiah, Emma, Joel and Eliza Bethany -- teaching them to love God with all their hearts.

Pentecost is alive and well in Wisconsin. Those seeds of Truth and Righteousness and Holy Ghost Fire that were sown in this land generations ago have brought a bountiful harvest – and now, the effect of that harvest is being felt, literally, around the world.

I vividly remember, while growing up as a Pentecostal kid, visiting the "new" District Campground when the "Tabernacle" was only an old roller-skating tent; we watched the rain drip through holes in the canvas, past the bare hanging light bulbs, as we fervently sang "Showers of Blessing". Then, when the real Tabernacle was built, the Ladies Auxiliary set up a shop in the back to raise a few dollars for the missionaries, and they, under the capable leadership of Sis. Barnett, sold everything from big bottles of vanilla to those cool, little collapsible plastic cups – remember those?!? When we’d go to Camp, I always made a beeline for that little LA shop – I loved to look at all the homemade doodads and just hang around all those nice motherly ladies, with the sensible shoes, who smelled like sweet soap.

Ladies Ministries has changed over the years. It is not just for a few of the older sainted ladies of the church who have nothing better to do with their time. Ladies Ministries is comprised of all women of faith – pastors’ wives and professional women; mothers of teenagers, and of toddlers, and wee babies; farmers’ wives, single mothers, college students and girls – and senior saints, too – women that are successful and women that are struggling – all of us working together, praying together, sharing and teaching one another – holding each other up and showing today’s world what the Bride of Christ looks like.

Yes, it’s also about raising funds to help promote the Gospel around the world. But, it’s less about FUNDS and more about FAITH – it’s about growing our own faith in Jesus, everyday, and cultivating such a steadfast faithfulness in our children and grandchildren that their faith even exceeds our own. It’s about equipping people, and enabling people, and encouraging people in ANY way we can, anywhere we can – so that more hearts, minds and lives are turned to Jesus.

I welcome you to contact me with your ideas … concerns … suggestions … and questions, about Ladies Ministries – Ladies Retreat, Mother’s Memorial, or whatever is on your mind. I’m open, and I want to hear from you. I really do.

Ladies, we are ALL Ladies Ministries – we ALL have a ministry! Find yours … and SHINE!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all …

Sis. Barbara Hilderbrand, President

Ladies Retreat 2012 – Well Worth the INVESTment

You could feel the excitement building by the minute in the lobby of Appleton’s Radisson Paper Valley Hotel. On a beautiful Thursday afternoon in May, ladies from all over Wisconsin -- and beyond -- began to arrive with their bags and belongings, stopping at the front desk to get their room keys and greeting old friends with happy hugs. Ladies Retreat 2012 was here at last, and from beginning to end, it was a Retreat to remember. This being Wisconsin District’s Thirtieth annual Ladies Retreat, we expected a large crowd – and indeed, when all the registrations were counted, we had the largest attendance ever!

The Retreat officially began Thursday evening with Sis. Jane Schumacher’s keynote address. The 2012 theme was "INVEST", and Sis. Schumacher set the tone for the Retreat when she delivered a powerful and insightful message from the story of Rebekah. Using an interesting analogy, she compared prayer to "the beast" that Rebekah rode to meet Isaac. "Prayer is the camel," she explained, "it’s the vehicle that brings us to our own Bridegroom, Jesus." It was the perfect introduction to this Ladies Retreat where prayer, and specifically praying through "The Blessing of Asher" (from Deuteronomy 33), was the special focus. In other pre-service sessions, Sis. Pam Parker and Sis. Barb Hilderbrand taught from three different parts of "The Blessing of Asher" to amplify and demonstrate prayer for anointing, spiritual authority and blessing.

Ladies Retreat 2012 Our special guests – Sis. Nancy Grandquist and her daughter, Sis. Heidi King – both ministered powerfully in music and the Word, delivering messages straight from the Lord that touched our hearts. What a treat to have this energetic mother/daughter duo – each complementing the other, and even tag-teaming at times to produce a spiritual feast of solid Truth, exhilarating music, and just plain fun! On Thursday evening, Sis. Grandquist surprised us when she sang, "The Rooster is DEAD!" Before long, she had us all singing it!!! … with the realization that the cruel enemy of our soul, that wants to "peck" at our minds and destroy our joy, has been conquered and rendered powerless by the intervention of our loving Father, Jesus Christ! On Friday evening, Sis. Grandquist ministered effectively about "SALT" after whetting our spiritual appetites with several brand new songs she had written. When she introduced her beautiful song based on the words of the 23rd Psalm, there was such amazing POWER in the air! A mighty move of the Holy Ghost and a life-changing spirit of anointing filled the room throughout the service and around the altar afterward.

Sis. Grandquist’s daughter, Sis. Heidi King, brought her own wonderful ministry and unique perspective, singing new songs of praise and speaking from her heart in a way that seemed almost like a one-on-one conversation with each of us. On Friday morning, she shared from her garden experiences in "Daily Digging", and on Saturday morning, her message "Don’t Settle For Less" included a fascinating "Prince Charming" tale from her own life. She communicated well with women of all ages, and it was refreshing to see her taking significant time to talk to, and pray with, individual ladies after each session.

Many ladies benefited greatly from the diverse and complementary ministry of this dynamic mother/daughter team. Throughout the Retreat, the Spirit of the Lord filled the "house" where we were sitting, standing, and praising God – souls were refreshed, spirits lifted, and during the course of the four services, at least eight ladies received their personal infilling of the Holy Ghost for the first time! (All of the messages of the main speakers, as well as the pre-service prayer-teaching sessions, are available in both CD and DVD format from Wisconsin District Media Missions at www.wisconsinupci.org.)

A new Retreat feature introduced this year was a designated 24-hour Prayer Room, where the ladies could come at any time of the day or night and find a place of power and peace to pray with other sisters in the Lord. For many, they said their visits to the Prayer Room – even in the middle of the night – were a highlight! As long as the Lord tarries, the 24-hour Prayer Room will be a standard feature at every Ladies Retreat.

The spiritual refreshing is what we all come for, but we also look forward to the casual times when we can relax with friends, unwind, and … SHOP!! We had such beautiful weather during the Retreat – many ladies took advantage of the sunshine by shopping and strolling in Downtown Appleton in their free time. They also enjoyed shopping at the big PPH Bookstore display … AND at our bigger-than-ever, filled-to-capacity Sale Room where "Proverbs 31" women from all over the District were on hand to market their special wares. Shoppers found custom clothing, accessories, and other gift items – everything from glitzy hair bows to creamy handmade soaps to luscious room fragrances … and much more. The Sale Room was continually packed with enthusiastic vendors and bargain hunters … and lots of happy chatter!

On Friday evening, we took time to celebrate another significant milestone at this Retreat – honoring our District LM President, Sis. Jane Schumacher, for her 23 years of faithful leadership of the Wisconsin District Ladies Ministries. She announced her decision to step down as President at the WI District Conference in March, and Ladies Retreat was the perfect time to officially transfer the leadership to the newly-elected President, Sis. Barbara Hilderbrand, from Wausau. Bro. Putnam was on hand to express the appreciation of the District for Sis. Schumacher’s years of service; Sis. Turner shared her own heartfelt appreciation and presented Sis. Schumacher with carefully chosen gifts; and a beautiful video tribute was shown as a chronicle of this elegant lady’s long and faithful service. All of the Ladies Ministries Committee members, as well as all the District ladies as a whole, thank Sis. Schumacher for her grace, strong focus, and capable leadership – she will be missed and will always be dearly loved.

One of Sis. Schumacher’s last duties as President was to officiate the annual Mother’s Memorial offering on Friday evening of the Retreat. The ladies have always responded generously to her invitation to "INVEST", and this year, when the offering was all counted, they had given over $8,400 -- an incredible response to a worthy cause.

On Saturday morning, the service was alive with the excitement that had built over the last 44 hours, and we were sent home with a shout of victory singing "For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, forever and ever!! AMEN!!!" From those first excited hellos on Thursday afternoon to the last tearful goodbye on Saturday, it was a day-and-a-half of heaven. Ladies Retreat 2012 is now history … but the blessings, refreshing, and anointed ministry we received and shared will be savored for years to come.

2012 Ladies Ministries Calendar

January 1 Mother's Memorial drive begins.
Theme: Invest Matthew 21:22
Radisson Paper Valley, Appleton accepting reservations for Ladies Retreat May 10-12.
March 20 - 22 WI District Ministries Conference
Osthoff Resort, Elkhart Lake
May 10 - 12 WI District Annual Ladies Retreat
Radisson Paper Valley Hotel, Appleton, WI
Speakers: Nancy Grandquist and her daughter, Heidi King.
July 1 - 6 Family Camp
Shawano, WI
November 1 Promotion for Adopted Missionary Offering begins.
November 2 - 3 Holiness Conference, Apostolic Faith Church, Racine.
Speakers: Rev. & Sis. Jerry Jones & Rev. John Putnam
December 31 AMO (Adopted Missionary Offering) Sectional Tithe due.
Mail offerings to: Wisconsin District UPCI - Ladies Ministries P.O. Box 688 Beloit, WI 53512-0688

2012 Wisconsin District Calendar

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